Monday, March 09, 2009

Twitter me this

So I just signed up for Twitter- you can follow me if you so desire: eileenDCoE.
I must say that I don't really get it- is it just like updating your Facebook status? Is there anything special or fun about it that I should know? I feel like a geezer asking these questions, like one of those people who's all "what is a blog? what's it do?" but oh well. Help me out, twitterers.


AmyKB said...

it starts like updating a facebook status (and you can sync them so your facebook updates whenever you update twitter). But you can follow famous people and chat with them (levarburton, tonyhawk, THE_REAL_SHAQ are all on there), or find fun things to do in your area or train delays (at least in the SF Bay Area and DC). you can also find out what people are doing at events (like SXSW) or talking about (hash tags are popular). I've been tweeting since last summer and enjoy it. I'm AmyKB on twitter, just like on blogger.

Kelly said...

I mostly just put my chat status messages on there, but I do love the celeb ones. Rainn Wilson's pwns!

Jamie said...

Follow me at jannghi!

Lisa Kate said...

I think it is best used from the cell phone. I usually tweet about what I am doing and feed it into my facebook status.
I find searching twitter for the buzz about a topic is very informative. Whether its the truth you seek or the latest gozz, search on a topic and someone is talking about it. Er, tweeting about it.
I find now more and more urls posted using So it can be used as a marketing tool.
It is strange. But fun.
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