Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Misconception Confessions

Here is a list of things that I wrongly believed to be true, for longer than I care to admit.

1. A Blind Drive sign means that a blind person lives in the house. (C'mon, who didn't think that?)

2. Avacados are the eggs of iguanas.

3. Jack Nicholson and Jack Nicklaus are the same person, an actor who is also very good at golf. Remember when Jack Nicholson smashed in a guy's car window with a golf club? Exactly.

4. Kurt Warner is black.

5. Sigur Ros is a rapper.

6. In baseball, it's not a strike unless you actually swing and miss.

7. In my most infamous misconception, I thought that Rob Lowe had played the older brother on the sitcome Mr. Belvedere. So convinced was I that, freshman year of college, I made a wager with my entire dorm section. We consulted TV Guide and found a cable station that still showed Mr. Belvedere, but only once a month. As the day approached, I squashed any inklings that I may in fact be incorrect. I was adamant- it was Rob Lowe! They would all see! The day came, and a large crowd gathered around the TV in the dorm common room. The opening credits rolled.....and there he was...Rob Stone.


S said...

I always confuse Nicholson and Nicklaus!

Mike said...

what about the road sign "slow children playing" I always thought that meant a retarded kid lived in the neighborhood.

I know retarded isn't PC, but that is what we said years ago!

J.R. said...

You are the Balki Bartakomous of your generation.

AmyKB said...

I have two...
1) Until I was six, I thought dogs and cats were the same thing, but dogs were boys and cats were girls. This was despite the fact we had two cats. Same thing with cows (girls) and horses (boys).

2) When I was in the 8th grade, I asked my chemistry teacher if marshmallows grew underground. I knew they weren't plants, so I figured we mined for them.

Ryan said...

Uh-Oh. I don't understand why number 1 is wrong.

eileen said...

Mining for marshmallows- I love it!

Ryan, really? It means that the driveway itself is obscured from view from drivers on the road, so like, watch out, because a car could pull out of there!

bigglesworth said...

rob stone is totally hot.

Kevin said...

If you're interested, you should see the derivation of the word avocado and what it means in the Aztec language. It's also the same word as guacamole. And be sure to remember what it means the next time you're eating an avocado or guacamole.

Liz said...

***Please read in old person voice***

"Back in myyyyyyyyy day, when you wanted to prove that Rob Lowe was the older brother on Mr Belvedere, you had to wait a whoooole month for it to come on tv. You kids and your inter-web!"

Anonymous said...

Funny Liz!

Kevin, are you serious? You want us to look up something? Can't you just tell us what the derivation of the word avocado and guacamole?

eileen said...

Liz- so true! Good thing I now have the internet to cure me of misconceptions.

For the rest of y'all (thanks, Kev), here is some history of the word avocado:

The word "avocado" comes from the Nahuatl word ─ühuacatl ("testicle", a reference to the shape of the fruit). Historically avocados had a long-standing stigma as a sexual stimulant and were not purchased or consumed by any person wishing to preserve a chaste image.

Apparently my chaste image is shot.

Suldog said...

Great idea for a post. I may steal it :-)

Beth said...

I was going to make the exact same comment as Liz! It reminds me of when I first started working and all the managers would talk about how they got work done before there were computers. I thought they were such losers, but I guess the joke's on me!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen, Sarah B and I are stalking your blog together in NYC- just thought we'd leave you this little treat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnNMiEkYJjQ&feature=related

We got nostalgic over Mr. Belevedere!