Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Weekend

- New Haircut.

- New (to me) Restaurant: Tavolo, right next to the Ashmont T stop in Dot. Yummy Italian food and a laid back, fun atmosphere.

- New Snuggie. FUCK YEAH.

p.s. Thanks, Lis!
p.p.s. McSweeny's covers The Snuggie.


Beth said...

Hilarious! You look like you have a small head on an oversize body...where are you in there??!

bigglesworth said...

i never realized how inferior my stupid stupid blankets were until i read your blog, then watched the snuggie commercial. how could i have been such a loser for so long and no one bothered to tell me. do they make a hawaiian version of the snuggie?

Liz said...

that snuggie is ENORMOUS! you could be the 100 lb man and still be good in that garment.

Liz said...

hahaha... i meant to write 1000 not 100. But I suppose you could be a 100 lb man in the snuggie too and you couldn't tell the difference.

lisa kate said...

It looks FABulous on you, dahling. And I am sure it is an ELECTRIC blue. You are workin the HOTtest trend in fashion. And you are most welcome.
When are we making our video??
ps : you failed to point out the book light!

Anonymous said...

Is Tim McSweeney a woman with a man's name or does he just act like a woman. Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a gander at his list discussing "why he could never make it as a stand-up comedian". He covers all the bases, but neglects to mention the number one reason he would fail as a stand-up comedian-- he lacks a set of testicles.

Good day.

Nitsirk said...

I am envious. You are putting the free clip-on book light to good use. Looks very cozy.

eileen said...

The Snuggie is enormous- when I got up to get a beer out of the fridge, I had to hike it up so I wouldn't trod upon it.

and I love the color. and the book light. and the coziness. these facts do not bode well for my social life.

Lisa, we will definitely do the Snuggie video soon. I'm thinking dance routine.

oh, and Tim McSweeny isn't an actual person. Author Dave Eggers is the man behind the curtain. (and I had no idea until I looked up Tim McSweeny on wikipedia this morning).

Sue said...

Eileen! I love your snuggie! And I cannot wait until you post pictures of when you where your snuggie to sporting events - like they show in the commercial.