Thursday, March 12, 2009


People have often asked me where I find the links I post on DCoE. Perhaps you envision me, wrapped in a Snuggie and surfing the web with a glass of cheap red wine at my side. Did I say glass? I meant bottle. So yes, that does happen, but more often than not the links come from people who email me items they think I will enjoy. These next four links were all sent from friends, so thanks!

Bad Paintings of Barack Obama. These are a treat.

Snuggie Haters do have a sense of humor, at least. The WTF Blanket.

Last but not least, interspecies friendships alert! This week it's a double dose:

Here's a video about a friendship between a retired elephant and a dog. Awwww.

And last but not least, two people sent me this picture:

Yes, it's real. I love the look on the dolphin's face- so cute!


J.R. said...

oh man, you so got called with in your WTF blanket! Haha

Suldog said...

That tiger has to be thinking "fish dinner, just a little bit closer."

Eri said...

OMG, I am tearing up in my office over the animal odd couple. SO amazing!

Amander said...

I love the elephant / pup video. But what job are elephants retiring from?

bigglesworth said...

i want a WTF blanket -- that guy sold it to me hard core!