Monday, April 13, 2009

All fun and games

I like games. Card games, board games, drinking games- you name it and I'll play it. Card games and board games took a multi-year hiatus during my late teens and early twenties, a glorious time in which Drinking Games superseded all other forms of competitive entertainment. Nowadays, my social interactions generally call for games which can be enjoyed while drinking but are not necessarily Drinking Games. For example, hanging out with a friend's family after Easter dinner is probably not the appropriate occasion to suggest a game of Flip Cup or Asshole. Good thing that I have a new favorite game- Bananagrams! It's like speed Scrabble- only without the board and the pieces come inside a banana. Very fun, and very addictive; because each game only lasts a few minutes, you can just keep on playing over and over. So if you're looking to expand your game repertoire, I highly recommend Bananagrams, especially if you are a word nerd like myself.


Kris said...

Love it! I played it at a BBQ a few months ago and it was so. much. fun. We really need to get our own set.

Tina said...

i prefer conect-4. I rule at the game. that and chess. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE GAMES!!! But I seem to have trouble finding people who also like to play. Sad.

I'll have to check this one out. :-)