Saturday, April 11, 2009

What I've been up to lately

I feel like my posts have been pretty weak lately, but I was fighting off a cold and preparing for an upcoming thesis committee meeting all week. I did get to have some fun, though. Nikki and I watched the Celtics beat New Jersey on Wednesday- you can't really tell but we are both wearing fantastic t-shirts: I've got my Gino on and Nikki wore her new Rondo shirt.

For several years now, I've been part of a little group called Spanish Table- Spanish-speaking scientists in Boston who get together every couple of months to eat and drink and conversar. JR and I are the token American members. Last night, we gathered at the house of a couple from Argentina for a paella and sangria party. It was an absolute feast of deliciousness- empanadas, stuffed breads, olives, bread, cheese, spinach pie (courtesy of the Greek representatives), deviled eggs (which are apparently a Spanish tapa not called juevos del diablo, FYI) and of course the paella. I ate soooo much and had a grand ole time. Below are some photos of the festivities (note: drinking several glasses of sangria may lead to the chopping off of heads in certain photos.) And in case you're wondering, Spanish Speaking Scientists Throw The Best Dinner Parties.


Tina said...

Awww. I remember the very first one we had. I miss Spanish Table!!

J.R. said...

Whoaaa! How did I miss the huevos del diablo? Where were they?? I love those! Now I feel a little defalted.

Mrs. V said...

So what are they called, I've always wanted to know? People ask me and I don't know.

eileen said...

No one seemed to know what delived eggs were called in Spanish, everyone was just like "oh, tapas" and ate them.

JR- Marly brought them but I think we polished them off before you arrived. They had shrimp in them, too. Mmmmm.