Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Report

Friday- Book Club! This month's selection was The Big Sleep, a detective thriller written in 1939 by Raymond Chandler. You know all those mystery cliches, like "It was a dark and stormy night. A dame walked into my office- she looked like trouble."? Well, The Big Sleep is the original source material. It's is a very entertaining read, full of detectives in trench coats and rich girls gone wrong, sex, violence, and hilarious metaphors:

The General spoke again, slowly, using his strength as carefully as an out-of-work showgirl uses her last good pair of stockings.

I loved it! I'm currently participating in a voice study, in which I have to call in once a week and read a passage to have my voice recorded for analysis. I've decided to read racy parts from The Big Sleep- at least it will keep things interesting for the poor grad student who has to listen to hundreds of these recordings. As always, Book Club was a blast. We wore themed outfits, had some drinks and snacks, and watched the 1946 movie version starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Afterwards, Andy and Sarah (gaze upon their splendid outfits) and I popped into the Ashmont Grill for a nightcap.

Saturday- Went to the Celtics game with my friend Jen. The absence of Kevin Garnett was really noticeable- they lost, and the team seemed to be lacking the normal playoffs intensity. I was impressed with Derrick Rose from the Bulls, but with KG in the lane, there's no way he would have been able to keep on slashing to the basket the way he did. Saturday night I went to a party at Lisa and Meghan's apartment, which was a ton of fun except for a brief interlude when I accidentally locked myself in the bathroom. And although it was tempting, we didn't actually wear snuggies to the party.

Sunday- Met up with my nieces Nora and Maggie and their pal Aidan- aren't they cute? Played some soccer, and then watched Twilight with Ern and Pat. It actually wasn't bad, as far as teenage vampire smut goes.


Sue said...

Hey! We also saw the vampire teen angst-love movie this weekend. I think it took pale skin to a whole new level. ;)

Suldog said...

Celtics looked out-of-synch for much of that game and still came as close as possible without actually winning. Rondo was heroic.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic!

Can you send it to me? Glad you caught the one minute of Nora smiling!


lisa kate said...

Um you could have totally worn your snuggies. Any time.

Anonymous said...

Good book. As are most of Raymond Chandler's.