Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Blast from the past

I have a busy week and appear to be suffering from a case of blogger's block, so here's a video for your entertainment: We Are The World.

My goodness, I can still remember all of the words but had no idea how many famous people were actually in it. And the eightiesness of the whole thing is downright spectaular. My favorite bits are Kenny Rogers in that nerdy white sweatshirt and the high-tech Bruce/Stevie splitscreen towards the end. Who's your favorite?

And in case you have trouble recognizing the performers, here's a list.


MaRiA said...

That song definitely brings back memories.

I heard that Disney is remaking ‘We Are the World’ with Miley and the Jonas Brothers. What a tragedy!

Anonymous said...

My fav is obviously... Dan Aykroyd. The song would have gone nowhere without him. Also, Lindsay Buckingham's hair. It's so large it gets cut off by the screen. This song is up there with "Do they know it's Christmas Time."