Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I'm into lately

I recently stopped by Old Navy (hey, I'm a grad student. this is where I shop.) and picked up a hooded henley t-shirt, and I'm in love. Seriously. This t-shirt and I are getting married this November. Save the date. Joking aside, it's made of that perfect t-shirt material: thin, soft cotton. Divinely soft. And it's nice and long, too. $15. I bought one in gray, but might go back to pick up another one in a different color. Or I'll just start wearing the gray one every day. You've been warned.

Also, I'm on a Spicy Hot V8 kick. I tend to require a mid-afternoon snack, and I've been trying to find something filling yet a little healthier than my standard bag of Fritos and can of Diet Coke. Spicy V8 to the rescue! It's healthy, tasty, and substantial enough to tide me over until dinner. Plus, it reminds me of a bloody mary, which is always a good thing.

Lastly, this video of a boy seeing lobsters for the first time cracked me up.


S said...

Cute! I have several tops from Old Navy that I like because they are "fancier" than a t-shirt yet just as comfy. I love the length, too!

brigita said...

Mmm, spicy V-8 is good stuff. Almost makes you forget there's no vodka in there!

Anonymous said...

V8 Makes me want to hurl. I would rather drink clam juice!

Frances said...

Love the Hooded Henley, hate V-8.