Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Remember that website F*** My Life I posted a while back? Check out McSweeney's FML versions of the Greek myths. Fing brilliant! I came up with a couple for Star Wars:

This princess I had a crush on kissed me. I knew she was only did it to make someone else jealous, but I didn't care. Then I found out she's actually my sister. FML.

So, I joined this elite group of warriors with a mission to take down an evil mastermind. I battle him and he cuts off my hand. Guess what? He's my dad. FML.

Wow, Luke's life is totally F-ed. No wonder why he's so whiny.

Here are a couple of fun videos:
Best Slap Chop remix eva!!!

And a cool version of Stand By Me, performed by street musicians worldwide.

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