Friday, April 21, 2006

100 Unsexiest Men

The Boston Phoenix recently published a list of the 100 Unsexiest Men, with Gilbert Gottfried claiming the number one spot. Here's the list (I had trouble getting the original article). Some of the choices I agree with (Randy Johnson, Richard Simmons), most made me laugh (Art Garfunkel, Don Zimmer), and one I object to- Brad Pitt at #100?
Here's the Friday discussion topic- from the list, and you're not allowed to choose Brad Pitt, who would you do? And who would be your worst nightmare?
I pick Chevy Chase (#19)- he's a little old but not that bad, honestly.
My worst nightmare would be #43 David Gest (shudder), with Dick Vitale (#84) announcing play-by-play.


jess said...

i have to agree with you on the Chevy Chase comment. I am actually suprised he made the list, and so close to the #1 spot..that is, considering the rest of the unsexy listed!

mj said...

the list was created by men. i wonder how much the list would change if a group of women compiled it.

Tricia said...

I'll take Dennis Miller. I can't believe he was on the list. It's very funny that they put Brad Pitt on it (but even you didn't make the rule about picking him I'd still pick Dennis Miller over him). I think Michael Jackson is the scariest.

brigita said...

My pick might have to be Jim Gaffigan because he brings the funny and he's kinda cute in a very pale, cornfed Midwest kinda way. Scariest? A threesome with Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. :::shudder:::

Tricia: Pinko Commie DM or version 2.0 Raging Fundie DM?

eileen said...

There were a lot of comedians on the list whose incusion surprised me. I guess the authors think that women don't like the funny, but they must be wrong.