Friday, April 07, 2006

Those wacky nerds are at it again

MIT pranksters stole a cannon from Caltech, shipped it cross-country, and put it on display in Cambridge.


brigita said...

Not to mention well-funded nerds. Then again, if I had invested all of my beer $$ back in the day, I probably could have retired at 40. Thank God ND was such a cheap school in that respect although it made reentry to the real world a bit startling ("You want me to pay HOW MUCH for a pitcher?!").

eileen said...

No kidding! It was a rough transition, going from $5 pitchers to $5 beers.

Tricia said...

Sounds like a very expensive prank!!

Going to a school with a social scene dominated by the Greek system meant never buying beer (as a woman). It also meant drinking really bad beer (ah, the days when I thought that Coors Light was tasty) in really crowded commons rooms watching the very messed-up male dominated boy-gets-girl-drunk-hook-up-boy-ignores-girl-next-day scenario play out. (This is why the current Duke scandal didn't surprise me.)

Jess said...

I dont know you Tricia..but did you go to Villanova? the scene sounds all too familiar.
Speaking of Villanova....I was out watching one of the NCAA games a few weeks ago, bought two pitchers for the group I was with, and put down $40 to cover the cost of 2 pitchers and tip! AHHH, the days of $5 pitchers, and $.50 HH drinks!