Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Report

Warning: long post ahead

So, last week, the guy I had been dating for the past couple of months (Bim, for you devoted readers) basically ended things due to some unresolved issues in his life. I don't feel like rehashing the whole thing over the internet, but essentially, I was Not Dumped by my Not Boyfriend. It's okay, though, we parted amicably (now there's a breakup phrase if I've ever heard one) and when the discussion came, I felt relieved more than anything, because I knew something was wrong so it saved me the anxiety of wondering about it, and it turns out that wasn't my fault, which, being a completely self-absorbed person, I had assumed it was. Anyways, so I'm fine, yadda yadda yadda, but was looking forward to a fun weekend filled with friends and booze.

It was pouring rain when I left work, so I bought an umbrella from the convenience store in my building, which lasted all of ten minutes before a gust of wind turned it inside-out while I was walking across Copley Square. You know how when there's bad weather in Boston, the news always shows a clip of a girl with the inside-out umbrella walking somewhere scenic? Well, I was totally that girl. The wind was so strong that I couldn't get the umbrella to invert again, plus I looked especially ridiculous battling the wind and the umbrella in high heels and a skirt. A bunch of stupid striped shirts laughed at me. I hate umbrellas.
My friend Kim is finishing a certificate in design program this spring, so a group of us attended her art show and went out to dinner at Cottonwood Cafe afterwards to celebrate. We ate, drank, and were merry, and margarita upon margarita put me in a festive and rowdy mood. Because I had seen the podiatrist that afternoon and gone straight out afterwards, I was carrying around my night splint in a shoebox all evening. My friend Phil, who has an Achilles tendon injury, showed up wearing a light-colored boot, which we dubbed Day Boot, and therefore renamed my black sleeping splint Night Boot. After several drinks, Night Boot became a song based on Bob Seger's Night Moves. We played pool, put some silly songs on the jukebox (Man In the Mirror, for example), drank more beers, and I slept soundly in the night boot.

Saturday- Went to the gym and ran some errands, then went to a dinner party out in the 'burbs. Ate lots of delicious Italian food, drank copious amounts of red wine, and was entertained by witty conversation and dogs with unfortunate haircuts.

Sunday- I saw Spamalot with my mom. It was hilarious. Partly due to nostalgia- does everyone go through a geeky phase in middle school during which they think Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail is like the funniest, ever? Partly due to the fact that it was quite humorous, especially when the musical itself is mocking musicals in general. We had great seats, too, which made it all the better, and easier to see. After that, I went over Carolina's and we watched the latest Harry Potter movie, Goblet of Fire. I don't know how we both managed to miss it in the theater, considering we're both fans of the books and the movies, and it was out for about four months. Nevertheless, the film was well done, and quite scary.

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