Friday, April 14, 2006


Happy birthday to Kim!
Happy anniversary to Kerry and Adam!

And happy, um, er, Good Friday to everyone who celebrates it! When I was a kid, I never understood why the day Jesus died was called Good Friday. It was always explained to me as "Well, Jesus died to give us eternal life, and that's why it's good." but I still couldn't get past the whole death on the cross thing. Nothing good about that, at least not for the big J. Additionally, I always hated the mass where the liturgy is more like a play of the trial of Jesus, and the parishioners are supposed to read the part of the angry crowd and recite lines like "Crucify him!" and "We want Barabbas!" I knew you were supposed to play along and read the lines, but I just couldn't do it. Saying it made me feel terrible, and not saying it made me feel guilty for not participating. Ahh..Catholic guilt will get you every time.

On a cheerier note, if you haven't seen Peep Research yet, do so immediately. Cracks me up every time, especially the Fear Response.


brigita said...

OMG, ditto, ditto, ditto. I also remember hating the stations of the cross with the unpadded kneelers and thick incense making me dizzy and getting wildly unconfortable at how my mom would get so into the passion play.

Did your parents also make you sit quitely in your room from 12-3 like mine did? We got to watch TV during that period one "Good" Friday—we had recently gotten our first VCR and my dad showed us a movie about the Shroud of Turin, with the blood and the thorns and oy.

Have I also mentioned that Dad is getting ordained a deacon in a few months? And how awkward family gatherings are, what with my being out in my current rejection of the Catholic church? And how wine always makes it worse? I think I'll just shotgun Cadbury Creme Egg filling this Easter. :)

eileen said...

Wow- we didn't have any 12-3 rule, that is INTENSE! Although I did make the mistake of going to the Good Friday mass one year at ND, only to discover that it was three hours long. I was hungover, and at one point I stood up during the wrong part and an old man yelled at me.

Good luck at the family gathering :)

Anonymous said...

Stations were the best, it was almost as wonderful as liturgical dance - without the the wild comedy. You get great names at this times of year - barabbas, golgatha, etc.

Megr said...

It makes you wonder if JC and the Big Guy are sitting around laughing at us and our silly cereomines. I mean who came up with this stuff?

brigita said...

PeePS: On a lighter, less scourge-y note, check out the Easter candy "turducken".