Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All I want for Christmas...

is a trade that brings A.I. to the Celtics! Danny, if you do this for me, all will be forgiven. Just think of the possibilities....people would actually start caring about the Celtics again, a massive increase in ticket and merchandise sales (I, for one, would rush out an buy a Green Iverson jersey- I wonder if they'd unretire Dennis Johnson's 3?), and most importantly, the Celtics would start winning. Not maybe in three or four years when the young players reach their potential., but this season. Oooh, and the local sports media would have a field day....someone else besides Manny pick on. Allen being Allen. I can almost hear it already.

Here are a couple of articles speculating where The Answer will go. If he doesn't go to the C's, I'd also be happy if he went to Minnesota. I'd like to see him and KG get a chance to win a title.

Is is sad that while I was running this morning, I created this whole fantasy where A.I. got traded to Boston and I ran into him at a bar and sent him a drink to welcome him, and he was so impressed by how fun and cool I was that we became friends. I even went as far as imaging where I would take him- Hey Allen, want to go to the Hong Kong tonight? Or maybe somewhere more low key, like Matt Murphy's?


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get him.


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! You are too funny!! -Nikki

Adam said...

You and I have been down this road before - but just for the record I want to say that AI in Celtics green would be an abomination. This is the guy who says that he doesn't need to practice! Plus, how many championships has he won in Philly? How will one of the most selfish NBA players of all time carry on the tradition of Cousy, Russell, and Bird??

eileen said...

Adam, I know we disagree on AI, but he really isn't a selfish player. Yeah, the legendary "Practice?!" rant wasn't one of his best moments (although I have enjoyed saying "practice?!?" in a scoffing voice whenever someone uses the word practive ever since, so it did have comedic value.)
He hasn't won any champtionships in Philly because he couldn't carry the team alone- although he managed to get them all the way to the finals in 2001. Yeah, he shoots a lot, but so do most of the top players, especially if they're their teams only real scoring threat.

Last year, he was #2 in scoring and #8 in assists. In 2005, when he won the scoring title, he was #5 in assists. As a comparison, last year Kobe won the scoring title and was #32 in assists. Now THAT's selfish.
A.I. also plays fiercely (well, until the recent breakdown in Philly) whenever he's on the floor, unlike Vince Carter, who obviously dogged it for full seasons so he would get traded. I think he would bust his ass on the Celtics and help rescue the team from the downward spiral, plus, I hate watching the C's waste Paul Pierce's best years while waiting for the young talent to delevope. Personally, I'd rather have KG because I think he would be a better balance to Pierce's style, but seems like he's not on the market yet.
Love him or hate him, A.I. is a great player and a phenomenal athelete who is fun to watch, and I'd love to see him on the C's.