Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- After a work holiday happy hour, I did a bit of bar hopping in Central Square and ended up at the Cantab. I should go there more often, because every time I do, I have a great time. Great live music, eclectic crowd, and cheap drinks- what more can you ask for? Framingham's legendary (I believe driving a yellow Cadillac with a vanity plate that reads "NUTMAN" qualifies one as legendary) Little Joe Cook finally retired, so Diane Blue and the Fatback Band now play every Friday and Saturday.

Saturday- I had a very suburban day- purchased and set up two Christmas trees, visited babies, shopped at the mall- followed by a late soccer game. My team finally defeated our rivals in a 8-4 rout, so that was nice. After the game, my roommate and I headed to the bar across the street for a quick beer or two, slow danced with old men to Frank Sinatra on the jukebox, and ended up staying up until the wee hours with the bar staff. Aaaargh- why am I such a drunkard??

Sunday- Woke up feeling like crap, took my grandparents grocery shopping, which took up the whole afternoon. I forget that the old folks don't move around so quickly. Popped in the lab for a bit, and now I am headed home to read more of Anna Karenina and ponder why I am unable to desist from acting like I'm 22.


LisaKate said...

**** soccer!! I forgot!!

eileen said...

lis- no worries-we had 4 girls, so if you had come, it would have been short playing time for everyone.