Friday, December 29, 2006

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Yesterday, Caro, her sister, and I went to a small colonial town a couple hours outside of Medellin named Santa Fe de Antioquia. Along the way, we drove across and old, Indiana Jones style bridge. Santa Fe de Antioquia is similar to some of the small cities I had seen in southern Nicaragua, with a church, market, and a plaza in the center of the town. Here are a few pictures, including one of my favorite car I´ve seen so far, and one of me doing a taste test of Colombian beers.
At night, we went to a dinner party at Caro´s brother´s house (since she´s the youngest of nine, there is never a shortage of siblings who want to feed us). One of Caro´s cousins plays guitar in a modern salsa band, so after dinner we went to a smoky, basement bar to hear them play. Good times.

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