Friday, December 15, 2006

Medieval Manor

Last night, I went to Medieval Manor for MJ's surprise birthday party. I had never been before and didn't know much about it. Turns out it's a full theatrical show... complete with a singing king, jester, and wenches. It's definitely not for everyone- hokiness with a large dose of sexual innuendo- but our group had a lot of fun. The beer flows like water, and there is no silverware, so you have to eat everything with your hands. The food was good, too, although I ate so much of the early courses I barely touched the chicken that came at the end. Here are some pictures:


eileen said...

Um, did anyone else notice that everyone's hands look freakishly large in these pictures?

Mrs. V said...

What a perfect place for a party for MJ, she who grew up thinking mashed potatoes was a finger food. And that is actually how she ate mashed potatoes. Corn on the cob she would eat by ripping off one kernel at a time (in front of the TV, of course, after dinner, as a dessert). When she went off to college I had some words of motherly advice for her.. "Please eat with a fork in front of all those people you don't know....pleeeeease." I didn't want people thinking I didn't teach her manners.