Friday, December 08, 2006

History of the cell phone

Here's an email from my sis who works at a technology company in Southern California:

Holy Cow!

I just met the inventor of the cell phone. He's a little older man who asked me where the bathroom was so I took him there. After I left, our president informed me of who I was chatting with....Marty Cooper. To think he was inspired by Star Trek!

Look him up online-crazy!

"And while some young Trekkies dreamed of space, others were more interested in the gadgets onboard in the year 2300 and would make it their life’s work to bring these toys off the screen and onto the streets. According to Shatner, booking a date for Friday night and fielding inquiries from casting agents got a lot easier thanks to an industrious Trekkie named Marty Cooper. Cooper, a chief engineer at Motorola, understood that people were inherently mobile and would never want to be chained to their desks, tethered to conventional telephones. Captain Kirk and his USS Enterprise colleagues were on to something with their cordless “communicator” with voice recognition technology. Inspired by the brick-like device, Cooper invented the first mobile cellular phone, giving birth to the start of a communications revolution."


Eri said...

Ha! I cannot believe you got his picture so quickly, you're a blogmaniac!

Solo un rato said...

Well, I am just glad that "small Lina" in the 8th floor don't read your blog. But yes they are strange.

Solo un rato said...

uppps..This comment was for the smorgasboard thing.

eileen said...

poor tiny Lina. I guess she gets away with the wheelie backpack because she doesn't have the strength to lift it.