Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sporting News

I got an email inviting me to join NFL Bloggers, which is odd because I don't really write much about the NFL. But, in case you're wondering, here is my take on the NFL:

1. I am a New England Patriots fan.
2. I love everything LaDanian Tomlinson.
3. I despise everything Manning.
4. I hope the Chargers win the Superbowl this year and Eli kicks himself for refusing to go to San Diego. Didn't Archie ever teach him that a good running back is a quarterback's best friend? Fool.

Now, onto my favorite league, the NBA: A.I. is still on the market. Knicks and Nuggets brawl. Everyone overreacts. calls it "revolting." Please, it was just a couple of punches and some shoving. Seems like everyone loves a good baseball fight, whereas the sporting media is quick to dump all over the NBA anytime a fight happens. I'm not condoning violence, but the Knicks-Nuggets fight was no University of Miami and Florida International University (that one deserved to be called "shameful"- Kicking, stomping, and using a helmet as a weapon?) Carmelo's the only one that looks like a jerk this time around.

I watched some college basketball this weekend for the first time all season, and man, Greg Oden looks like he's 35.


Anonymous said...

I watched some of that game too and thought the same thing!!! hahaha! -Nikki

LisaKate said...

Did you hear the "smack" as Carmelo sucker-punched the guy?! And then in true NBA bad-ass form...RAN AWAY?! Horrible.

eileen said...

I think the only one who came out looking good in this fight was Jared Jeffries when he chased Carmelo down the court.

Briana said...

Oden is sick. I watched him against Florida today and I swear he had 15 blocks in 20 minutes. Him and Noah wore each other out hustling. It was great.

NBA tip- Kevin Martin on Sacramento. Who the hell is that kid? He is like sniper lightening.