Thursday, December 07, 2006

Basketball Round-Up

Congratulations to Dwayne Wade for being named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year. I would have chosen someone else, but hey, I like D-Wade. My sisters both went to Marquette and have been fans of his for a long time. At least they didn’t give it to Tiger or Lance again. BO-ring.

If there’s an award for Best NBA Blogger, it should definitely go to Gilbert Arenas. An example from his blog:
You know, I like Morrison. He reminds me of a throwback. You know, your old throwback Larry Bird type of player. That’s what he is. The way he walks, just his hair and mustache, it reminds you of a ‘70s player and its kind of funny watching him play. I mean the kid can shoot and score. I’m a fan already. I got to hang out with him in Vegas for Olympic tryouts. He hung out in my room a couple days playing video games all night. You know, so, me and him are very cool.

Oh yeah, and it seems like all the Bill Simmons clones are calling for Celtic coach Doc Rivers’ head. Even started some lame-ass petition. What is it with internerds and petitions? I’ve had enough! Fire Doc! Trade Manny! Keep Manny! Release the Wonder Years on DVD! (Ok, I signed that one.) Well, if you can’t beat em, join em. I have written a little petition of my own:

Dear Celtics Fans Who Bitch About Doc Rivers,
There is only person to blame for the shitshow that the Celtics have declined into, and that person is Danny Ainge. Doc Rivers didn’t hire himself; the C’s only ended up with him because Ainge forced out a much better coach, Jim O’Brien. Ainge is responsible for dismantling the popular and successful team and (2002-2003) then attempting (unsuccessfully) to remedy that error by making a series of crappy trades. Now I know what it feels like to be a Knicks fan. (Although, strangely, Ainge seems to be exempt from the criticism that’s being heaped upon Isaiah. (As for an aside within the aside, one of the most surreal experiences in my life has been hearing my mom utter the statement “You know, that Isaiah Thomas is extremely good-looking” when she walked in the room where my dad and I were watching an NBA all-star game. I was amazed that she knew who he was. Not quite as amazed as the time I saw a Nicaraguan woman squirt breast milk into a little boy’s eye because he had a speck of dirt in it, but that one’s pretty hard to top.)) Anyways, Ainge is to blame for the recent demise of the Celtics, so quit whining about Doc.


P.S. “Shitshow” is my new favorite word.


Anonymous said...

Wait, the Wonder Years is not on dvd? Insane.

Wild Chill said...

Well, Charlotte needs to win some games first before he becomes cool in my book!

eileen said...

FYI- There's a couple "best of" Wonder Years DVDs out, but the word is that they've had trouble getting the rights to all of the music that was used in the series and that's why none of the complete seasons have been released.

Tina said...

My new favorite phrase is "anal leakage."

eileen said...

A.L. is a good one.