Thursday, May 24, 2007

Champions League final

Yesterday, I watched A.C. Milan defeat Liverpool with a few soccer buddies. A couple of years ago, I saw Liverpool come back from a 0-3 deficit to beat A.C. Milan in the final, but history did not repeat itself. We were all rooting for Liverpool, so the game was a disappointment- Liverpool dominated play, but Milan somehow managed to score two goals. I hate the way the Italian teams play- they are probably the worst divers in Europe, and somehow they keep getting the calls. Once they squeak in a cheap goal, they all sit back on defense. Maybe I'm still bitter about the World Cup. As I said to JR yesterday "Americans who don't know anything about soccer root for Italy because they like pizza and stuff, but the Italians are dirty cheaters." Oh well, we still had fun.
Hey, speaking of Italy- a possible Whitey sighting! Considering how he snitched on the Italian mafia for years, I doubt that Whitey's in Italy, if he is still alive.


LisaKate said...

Bummed I missed it! Liverpool looked heartbroken.

Kevin said...

I was a few hundred miles from the nearest TV on Wednesday so I missed the game. Just as well as I´m a big Liverpool fan. I have the DVD of the final from 2 years ago. At least I don´t have to buy this year´s DVD. And I totally agree with you - I HATE Italian soccer. They dive non-stop and the play is just so boring. I still can´t believe they won the World Cup. And it really pisses me off that AC Milan were originally banned from this year´s Champions League only to be reinstated on appeal and then come and win the damn thing. Where is the justice?

eileen said...

Kev, that final two years ago was AWESOME! Just watch your DVD and forget about this year.

I really don't understand how Italians keep getting away with their strategy.

Anonymous said...

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