Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Holiday Weekend

Theme of the day, as explained by Arrested Development:

''What have we always said is the most important thing?'' Michael asks his son.
George Michael: ''Breakfast.''
"Family,'' corrects Michael.
George Michael: ''Family, right. I thought you meant of the things you eat."

My dad had an angiogram this morning, and although he seemed relatively unperturbed by the idea, my mother was FREAKING OUT, so I went to the hospital with them both. Everything turned out well- my dad did have blockage on an artery, but they put in a stent, so he does not require bypass surgery. Whew. After that, I had lunch with my sister and my nieces, and then visited my grandmother. She had a mild stroke last week, and since she was already suffering from hip problems, she is currently staying in a rehabilitation center until she gets moving again. I was totally unprepared for how depressing the center would be- most of the patients are their permanently, suffering from the last, cruel stages of cruel old age. At one point, an old woman called me over and started repeating "help me! help me!" in a raspy voice. I wanted to grab my grandmother and hightail it out of that place, but I tried to remain positive, lest she tell everyone else that I hate it, too, and I get in trouble with the fam for not being supportive. Seeing some of the residents of that place made me consider refusing to take any more medication if I live to the age of 80.


Once I returned to the city, I stopped by Home Depot on a whim and ended up spending over a hundred dollars on flowers, planters, and topsoil, then lugged it all home and set up a little garden on my deck. Because that's a totally normal thing to do on a Friday night of a three day weekend. I'll eventually post a before-and-after picture, provided that the crazy squirrels don't destroy my handiwork, and contigent on the acquisition of a metal bistro set to replace the plastic lawn chairs. Hey, I'm almost 30. Time for an upgrade.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! I bought a poppy from an old VFW outside the grocery store, so I feel like I've already celebrated. Maybe I'll wear my white sandals on Monday.

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