Thursday, May 17, 2007

My fellow literate commuters, I'm quietly judging you

Ryan sent me this list of Books You Should Think Twice About Before Reading on the Train. Funny stuff. I liked "Giant Millipedes: The Enthusiast’s Handbook" the most. For the record, I totally peer at fellow commuter's reading material and judge them accordingly. The Fountainhead? I never want to talk to you. I got a smile and a nod from a fellow bus passenger yesterday when I pulled this out of my bag. It's looooong as hell but a great read so far.


maria said...

When Jossy and I were roommates in Chicago, she was reading a book that she was embarrassed by the cover for some reason or another. I can't remember all the details. Anyways, she requested that I make a book cover for her book so she could read it on the el without embarrassment. So being the great friend that I am, I used a Victoria's Secret catalog and made a book cover. I'm not sure why but she was not pleased with this cover, so I decided to make her a more suitable cover, of what I can't remember. I think that reading a book with a book cover raises more suspicion than the original title/cover image.

Tom said...

I read an article somewhere that linked to a company that produces fake dust jackets with gag titles for commuters expressly to freak out other commuters.

Unfortunately, I can't find the link.


PS I'm currently reading Killer Angels, and it's awesome. I finished three Ian Fleming books last week and three Agatha Christies before that.

KcM said...

My ex-girlfriend had The Fountainhead listed on her Friendster page. Sigh I should've known it'd be the kiss of death. Although, thinking back on it, it kinda makes sense now...she was about as Ayn Randy a lefty as I'd ever met.

eileen said...

Awwww, Kevin, terrible! Maybe I'm too judgemnetal, but people who gush over Ayn Rand always get on my nerves.