Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One post, two unrelated subjects

The NBA lottery is tonight! Oh please, let the Celtics get number one or two...although, at this point, I don't think a talented rookie is going to fix their troubles. I'd rather see a monster trade for a proven NBA star, as long as it isn't for some jerk like Kobe or VC. If we did get Oden or Durant, though, I would definitely go to more games than I did this past season.

And now for something completely different...

Has anyone ever used one of those universal remotes? Do they work? The remote that goes with my DVD player disappeared in the midst of a St. Patrick's Day party. The machine itself has play and pause buttons, but ix-nay on the fast forward, rewind, and heaven help you if you want to turn the subtitles on or off.



Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed them for a time being. They may give you a slight problem when it comes to old machines or different brands (i.e. sony with a zenith remote). But it's worth a try. Just don't plan on having the cable box work with them.

KcM said...

Or No. 5. Ouch.

Probably bad for the league, all-in-all. Oden in Portland and Durant in Seattle further frontloads the West.

I'm just glad the "Chicago" pick fell at #9, so the Knicks didn't get penalized too badly for Isaiah's failure to lottery-protect the Curry pick.

But, hey, at least y'all got the Sox.

jay said...

Eileen, as the only other celtics fan besides you and your dad, i gotta say that i havent felt this bad since aaron boone in '03.. its going to be really tough to go thru another 30 win season..

eileen said...

I know, I'm depressed already. But you know who I bet feels worse? Paul Pierce.
I hope they don't trade him, because they won't get equal value, and hasn't everyone realized that one star + a whole bunch of guys who would be bench players on any other team does not equal success. Trading Pierce would just throw another unlucky player in the same situation.
I just hope he doesn't pull a VC or Fat Roger Clemens on us. It was stupid to tank last season; there's no honor in it. The C's should have given up everything but Pierce for A.I. or another top veteran last season, instead of pinning all hopes on a lucky lottery. Now they reek of desparation so strongly that they'll never be able to make a decent trade.

I still blame Ainge for all of this. Yeah, Doc sucks, but guess why we have him? Because Ainge ran Jim O'Brien out of town. Man, I never thought I'd look back so wistfully on Antoine and co. from a few seasons ago.

I bet Stern's not thrilled about how this all turned out....the West is going to be STACKED for the next few seasons, unless LeBron can turn it up a couple of notches.