Friday, May 11, 2007

Not sure if this makes me cool or a tremendous dork

So, I sent Bill Simmons (a.k.a the ESPN Sports Guy) a link to that Don Nelson story, and he put it in his latest NBA column. "Eileen from Southie;" that's me. I didn't know it was in there until a fellow basketball fan (Durbs!) emailed me after he read it. Gotta give proper credit to my coworker Harp, who found the story and passed it along during a long day in the lab.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Speaking of the NBA, Nowitzki is going to be named MVP. I guess they couldn't give it to Nash again, but considering that the Mavs didn't make it out of the first round of the playoffs (partly due to the lackluster play of the new MVP), I don't think he's the best choice.


Yvonne from Georgia said...

You don't have to give credit to Harp, Harp didn't send the story to Bill Simmons, YOU did.
That is totally exciting, almost better than getting an A in a quiz, to see your name in "lights". From now on you'll be known as "Eileen from Southie". Definitely "Cool" not dorky.
Yvonne from Georgia

eileen said...

Ha! Thanks, Mrs. V.

Yeah, I've already received two emails with "is this you?" in subject line.

You can all say you knew me when :)

Tom said...

I sent an email to Bill Simmons last week too! Mine hasn't been published.

But, speaking of basketball and my dislike of Steve Nash:

I don't think I hate Steve Nash anymore.

Strange, right? Well, here's how it happened...

I watched him play.

I'm not kidding. I've hated him because he (1) plays for Phoenix who I only know from Barclay's stint, (2) is Canadian, and (3) has that stupid long hair (alternating with stupid short hair)

But I'd never seen him play.

Then I happened to catch the first quarter of the Suns/Spurs game 2 and Nash, driving to the basket with two gigantic Spurs up in his face converging, made a behind-the-back bounce pass to the trailing guy who took one step and slammed it home!

I was awesome, because it was a good pass, but mostly because Nash did it like it was an every day thing, like, it's not a big deal making awesome passes at all. Almost no reaction at all, not dismissive, not smug, not pumped, man it was fun to watch.

So anyway, he gets my vote for the "Please take Nowitzki's MVP away from him and give it to anybody else" movement.


Eri said...

Whatever, I can still dye my hair blonde and pretend to be my famous sister at least. Maybe I can get some free Margaritas tonight pretending to be you. I LOVE the news.

Also, I LOVE Golden State. Go Warriors!

Kevin said...

That´s cool you were in Simmons´ column. But I remember you from when you were "Eileen from the ´ham" rather than "Eileen from Southie". Oh well.

eileen said...

I'll always be Eileen from the 'Ham. Sports Guy messed it up.