Thursday, May 31, 2007

Superstitions confirmed?

You know how sometimes old churches get converted (in the non-religious sense...HAR!) into other types of buildings? I once went to a club in London that was in a modified, giant old cathedral. It was slightly cool, slightly creepy, and moderately sacrilegious (people were making out in former confessionals. Not me, I was just watching them. Um, kidding.). Anyways, some former churches in the Boston area have been converted into condos. I have always deemed such properties unlucky and would never reside in one, no matter how high the ceilings and decorative the windows. Something about it just seems wrong. In Boston, the Catholic Church had to sell property after the whole priest child abuse scandal, so there's the whole link to molestation, and even though I realize this is completely irrational, I can't help thinking that God would be mad that churches got sold off and converted into condos and would send down his wrath upon the residents.

This morning, the area around the Broadway T stop was packed with fire trucks. Why? Because one of those former church condos was on fire! See what I'm talking about?


Kristine said...

Oh god, the (S)Limelight! I may have, uh, made out in that club myself. I'm not proud.

Tricia said...

My husband lived in an apartment that had been converted from a church when we lived in Newport RI in 1994. We had several classmates who lived in converted churches. The one Jeff was in didn't look anything like a church from the inside, but I went to a party in one that still had the organ and everything. I always thought that they were pretty cool, but I'm not a big supporter of organized religion in general.

For the record, I never made out in a church-turned-apartment/condo/club.

Mrs. V. said...

You are so clever....your mind works like no other....maybe you should be a columnist....yeah, to supplement that eternal PhD you're working on. And just for the record, if you wanted to know, PhD's don't get paid much. Get an MD, now they get the money.