Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't you hate it when

you pack a lunch to take to work and then you leave it on the kitchen counter?


I do this at least once a month.

On a more positive note, here are some things I've been enjoying lately:

1. Yesterday's warm weather! Yes, folks, it was the first time in 165 days that the temperature in Boston reached 70 degrees.

2. Sandwiches. They really do taste better when someone else makes them. If you're ever in the South End around lunchtime, check out Francesca's on Tremont Street. I had a sandwich there last weekend, and it seriously was the best thing I've eaten in months. Although they get points off for not having a website. What the fuck? I tried to call ahead and order something from this menu, but I asked for something that isn't offered anymore. "Are you looking at a menu from The Internet?" the girl asked me "Those are really out of date." I have a solution for you: put up a frickin website, already! It's a trendy South End cafe, not some mom and pop House of Pizza- they really have no excuse. If my grilled bread smothered in pesto with fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, and grilled chicken wasn't so darned mouth-watering, the no website thing would have landed them on my blacklist.

3. Dirty martinis. Even though I like olives and I like gin, I never really got into martinis. Until someone (um, a bartender) had the bright idea to pour a bunch of salty, delicious olive brine into one and hand it to me. Yum!


Kevin said...

Wow, Eileen, you really take your internet menus seriously! If you want to see the funniest online menu I've seen, check out Look at #s 11, 13, and 14. I have to admit that young indigenous Australians stuffed with walnuts, spices & garlic is absolutely deeeeeelicious! Mmmmm... You can get them grilled and fried if you want as well. The owner tells me he ships them in fresh from Humpty Doo, Wagga Wagga, Wonthaggi and Wollongong weekly. Strangely, this menu gets the word, aubergine, right in #s 5 and 58. In case you're wondering, aubergine is the British (well, really French) word for eggplant. This website has had this typo for a LONG time (at least 3 years, probably more). I find it hilarious. Seriously, though, this place is good, so if you're London, it's recommended.

Kevin said...

better link:

or just click on Menu on the side of the general link

Kelly said...

ewwwww, how can you drink a dirty GIN martini? i have gin, unless it's with tonic. have you tried a belvedere vodka extra dirty? deeeelish...

Mrs. V said...

If you want to fall in love with Martinis go to a bar that in known for good martinis and order a CHOCOLATE one. You would not believe it was a martinis because making it with chocolate neutralizes the awful martini trademark. I went to Swisshotel in Atlanta for a Mystery Shop to check out how the service was and I had to order two drinks and evalutate the service. Damn, I had to stop doing bar Mystery Shops because after two drinks I could not tell you where the bartender put his tip and how much he charged the next customer....but I digress. Chocolate martinis are awesome!!!

eileen said...

Kev, that menu is hilarious! aborigines.

I'll have to try that belvedere vodka martini, but I'll skip the chocolate one- I'm allergic to chocolate.

Frances said...

You only do this once a month? I do this at least once a week!