Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the record

I am going to the Celtics game tomorrow night, and if they don't win, I seriously might throw up on myself.

I want a win, and I want a dominant one. I want Gino!


KcM said...

I'm feeling pretty confident the Celts will win at home. But they're definitely not the Road Warriors I'd earlier envisioned. That probably won't make much difference...until the Finals.

Also, I figured Cassell would help that team, but his shot selection thus far has been...poor.

At this point, I'm ABS -- Anyone But the Spurs. I might even root for Kobe and the Lakers to beat them, if it comes to that. Lord, I hate that team...buncha flop-happy whiners.

eileen said...

I still hate the Lakers. I'd rather see the Hornets or the Jazz come out of the West. Hey, stranger things have happened!

I think the NBA needs to install some sort of no-flopping penalty, especially with all of the European players coming into the league. You can be carded for diving in soccer, the only problem is that they don't call the penalty nearly enough.

Cassell's age is showing...he can't keep up on defense, and Eddie House looks like a better go-to shooter. The best option is to leave Rondo on the floor as much as possible. I hated BS's Rondo The Late Bloomer column, by the way. Late bloomer? WTF? It's not like he's been in the league for 8 years, and most point guards take a couple of years to hit their stride.

Anyways, I'm hoping for a monster game by one of the big three tonight.