Friday, April 25, 2008

List #39... Names People Call Me Instead of Eileen

People screw up my name all the time. For example, the guy that delivers packages to my lab thinks my name is Elaine, even though Eileen is clearly written on all of boxes. He comes in a couple of times a week and calls out "Elaine!" with a booming voice, much to the amusement of my labmates. At this point, it's futile to correct him, so I just go along with it. Sure, a lot of names sound fairly similar, but I don't think Eileen is particularly difficult to remember. Apparently, I'm wrong about that, but at least it doesn't bother me. I know a couple of people who get pissed off if you misspell their names, let alone call them a different name entirely.

So, here's List #39....Names People Call Me Instead of Eileen

1. Ellen
2. Elaine
3. Irene
4. Aileen
5. Arlene
6. Colleen
7. Maureen
8. Erin


J.R. said...

How did Eileen-O not make this list. I don't know anybody who calls you anything else.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Even after checking my wristband, asking me my name and birthdate a dozen times, the doc that did my procedure yesterday still managed to call me Rebecca several times before they rolled me out. That was a first. Another random one is when they call me Meghan without knowing that's my sister's name.

eileen said...

JR- that one's a nickname- people don't think it's my actual name.

Rebecca? Weird.

Both my sister and my roommate are named Erin, but occasionally people who don't know either of them call me that. And Maureen is my mom's name, and I randomly get called that once in a while, too.
No idea who Colleen is, though.

Amanda said...

Are you sure Irene isn't Eileen in Japanese?

Eri said...

Eileenium Tremens?

Kim said...

You forgot to add Claire to that list.

eileen said...

Hah! I forgot about Claire!

Kevin said...

You mean Claire from Chili's? Nice one!

Sarah said...

hahahaha awesome. this reminds of a certain exchange over the phone at work somewhat recently

Me: It's Sarah..with an H"
Caller: "So....Shara?"