Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girl Humor

There are three types of humor I enjoy. The first is Universal Humor...things that are unequivocally funny to all audiences, like someone falling. In a funny way. Not like off-the-edge-of-a-tall-building funny. Or The Mansy. If you don't think the Mansy is funny, there is something wrong with you.

The second is Science Humor. Things that are funny to only to scientists. Here's an example of a conversation my coworkers and I had about Barry Bonds breaking the home run record:

"Hey, did you know that the guy who caught the ball is a lab tech at a DNA
sequencing facility?"

"No way! What do you think he yelled when he caught it?"



Yep, we're nerds.

The third is Girl Humor. Things that are funny only if you're a girl. Contrary to popular belief, Girl Humor does not mean lame romantic comedies. A big part of it is alluding to something within the female realm, like making a reference to the Baby-Sitters Club or Anne of Green Gables. The girls who write Go Fug Yourself excel at this. Sarah's posts frequently crack me up, and a couple of times my friend JR has seen me reading them and been all "What's so funny?" and I say something like "Oh, you wouldn't understand." whereas I can't wait to show my roommate.

Here's a recent email exchange between my sisters that made me laugh, but I'm guessing it's probably only funny if you're a girl. Or have been involved with a lot of weddings. (Hmmm... now seems like a good time to tell everyone that if you send me an email, I might just share the content with the entire internet. Unless you object, of course.)

From: Eri
So... Ryan and I have picked the following colors: Brown, Gold, Ivory, Kiwi Green (as offsetting color). Please look at dresses that are either brown or gold. Let me know which one you think works better.

From: Kerry
Sounds good. I'd vote for brown dresses, gold accessories and shoes, and ivory flowers with a kiwi accents and a kiwi ribbon. It's going to look hot.

From: Eri
I like your idea on the dress, I am not sure of the ribbon, I guess it depends on the dress, but it's for sure not a deal breaker, whatever you guys feel most comfortable in.

From: Kerry
Dude, the ribbon goes on the flowers. I'd look like an ass with a kiwi ribbon on me.


nad said...

You're right - it is woman humor. Despite being someone involved in planning a wedding right now, I didn't even snicker at the email exchange. I did chortle at the DNA tech exchange, but, I'm a scientist.

See, I just proved your theory with a double-blind experiment. What more could you want?

eileen said...

Neal, don't you get it? She thought the ribbon went on the dress, but it was for the flowers! Hahahahaha.

I bet Jess will think it's funny.

liz said...

i chuckled out loud to it.

Caity said...

haha... one of many miscommunications between brides and bridesmaids!

Sarah said...

i laughed!!

Tina said...

guilty. i chuckled. but if you asked me why, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

lisakate said...

Meghan is making me reply with the following recount of a conversation we shared:

Meg : what color is your bridesmaid dress?

Me : Taffeta.

Tina said...

Check it out - female anatomy cross-stitch. I'm thinking of starting a female reproductive system pillow business!


J.R. said...

Oh Jesus, I can't believe I got tapped for being the dumb guy who doesn't get any girl humor. But fine... for the record, I live with three girls, and I never find them even slightly funny. Them and all their wedding jokes and fashion faux pas hilarity.

eileen said...

JR, if you lived with Ern and me, you would laugh constantly, because we are the funniest people we know.

Frances said...

I laughed out loud. I have been involved in WAY too many weddings that had eerily similar conversations.