Thursday, May 01, 2008

That's more like it!

Celtics won big last night, defeating the Atlanta Hawks 110-85. My friend Will and I went to the game...I swear, even though it looks like I photoshopped us in to the picture. Although the final score doesn't reflect it and the Celtics led for basically the entire game, the Hawks stayed with them. Considering that they came back from a ten point deficit to win game 4, it was enough to make me nervous. The big 3 played well, and Rondo and Cassell also had good games. I like Powe on the court in this series more than Perk- he's just too slow on the defensive end against a young, quick team like the Hawks. The one thing I don't understand is how the Hawks were so bad all season. During the playoffs, they certainly haven't looked like a below .500 team. The Celtics did cement the lead enough for Gino to make an appearance. Years ago, whenever the Celtics had a big lead at the end of the game, they started playing this absurd disco dancing video from the 70s on the jumbotron. It's hilarious, and the fans go crazy for it, especially for the smooth cat in tight pants and a t-shirt bearing his own name: Gino.

Now, they just have to win in Atlanta and put this strange series to bed.


KcM said...

It looks like that picture was taken in the lobby, or the Boston Celtics History Museum or somesuch.

At any rate, congrats! To be honest, I kinda tuned out after the Celts ran up a big lead...glad to see Cassell had a better game.

Rob said...

Acccccctually ...

The guys is wearing a shirt " ... from musician Gino Vannelli's mid-1970s Gemini tour -- that simply says "Gino" on it. He has forever been a cult favorite of Garden fans. A Boston Globe sports columnist has created a semi-spoof documentary entitled Finding Gino that attempts to track down the man shown in the archival clip, but has yet to meet with success in finding him."

You can buy the shirt from Gino's website:

eileen said...

Yeah, I think it's the way the flash lit us up that makes the photo look fake. Glad to see the Wizards get another W, too. If the Cetlics do advance, I'd much rather face a tired LeBron.

Rob- thanks for the info! I didn't know Gino was a real musician. I still like to think that the guy in the video is named Gino, though.

And I've been trying to convince my friend Dennis to get a shirt and go as Gino for Halloween. Not many people would get it, but it would be awesome for those who did.