Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Report

Friday- Flew out to Chicago (and boy are my arms tired! Snort.) to attend my friend Kori's wedding. The whole weekend was a great time- I got a chance to catch up with a lot of college friends, several of whom I hadn't seen in a while. Friday night, I went out to dinner with Ern and Pat at Spanish restaurant, Cafe Iberico, then met up with the wedding entourage at Rock Bottom Brewery for a party.

Saturday- Went out to drunch (drinking brunch/lunch) with a group of Chicago friends at Joey's Brickhouse, a really fun restaurant with $12 all you can eat and $1 drinks. Hello, bloody marys! They also have a make-your-own-smore station at the bar, which I didn't notice until I looked up noticed, with surprise, Kelly toasting a marshmallow. After drunch, it was back to the hotel for a quick change and off to the ceremony, where I soon realized that the rest of the country isn't quite as formal as we East Coasters. The wedding was a black tie optional, which, in my mind, means that men have the option of wearing a tux or a suit, and all women wear long dresses. However, Ern and I were the only guests in long dresses. Oh well. The service was held a church in DePaul, and the reception followed at Cafe Brauer, a beautiful hall that overlooks the Lincoln Park Zoo. Much merriment ensued. The band was great, and I spent almost the entire night on the dance floor. Some pictures:

I somehow managed not to get a single decent shot of the bride and groom. Good thing they have professionals to do that sort of thing.

Sunday- I attended the post-wedding breakfast, where we rehashed the hilarity of the previous evening, then traveled back to Boston.

Monday- I normally work on holidays but I opted to use this one as a personal day. I slept in, went for a long run on the beach, cleaned my apartment, met friends for lunch at Spice & Rice in Inman Square, visited my grandparents, bought some plants for my deck, and then arrived home for an impromptu cookout Ern and Pat had organized. A perfect day, aside from the fact that the Celtics couldn't steal a second game in Detroit.


lisa kate said...

Great pix Eileen and great fun!!
Click for some of my pix too...

Caity said...

I'm glad that Smores were a part of both of our weekends!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... are the bridesmaids wearing a brown sash around their royal blue dresses? Please explain.