Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sports Links!

Here are a few sports themed articles I've been meaning to post:

  • Jackie MacMullan wrote a fascinating article on the different styles of the Celtics' big 3, focusing on Ray Allen and the fact that he's completely OCD: Routine excellence is Allen's secret.
  • The two most famous and successful baseball players from Colombia (former Red Sox Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera) don't exactly get along. ESPN's Jorge Arangure Jr. wrote an article about their feud.
  • On, you can track Manny Ramirez's home runs. All 496 of them.
  • And lastly, there's a blog all about the History of Sports Streaking. Complete with pictures. Highly NSFW. Not Safe For Anywhere, really. But pretty entertaining.


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Stacey said...

Those are some great/weird articles! Thanks for sharing. :)