Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Report

Friday- Got together with friends to watch the Celtics. The outcome of the game wasn't so great, but that's water under the bridge at this point, and it was fun hanging out with some friends whom I don't get to see very often.

Saturday- Headed to Plymouth for my friend Jen's bachelorette party. I hadn't been to Plymouth since I was a kid, and I really enjoyed it this time around- it was a perfect spot for the occasion. We stayed at the John Carver Inn and started off the day with some delicious bloody marys and a trip to the spa. The hotel has a very unique indoor pool- a replica Mayflower ship with a waterslide, and a hot tub in the shape of Plymouth Rock. Cheesy as hell, but I'll be the first to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. We even came up with our own synchronized swimming routine, much to the amusement of the other hotel guests. We had dinner at the East Bay Grille and then ventured to a cute little waterfront spot, the Cabby Shack, for drinks and dancing to a live band. All in all, we had a great time, and Plymouth's director of tourism better watch out, because I came up with a winning slogan for the seaside town: Plymouth Rocks!
Sunday- After a greasy post-night out breakfast, I drove back to Boston in time for Game 7. The finale was by far the most exciting game of the series and soon turned into a Paul Pierce - LeBron James offensive duel, with the Celtics coming away with the win 97-92. Pierce was the star of the show, and my favorite moment was the smile he couldn't hide when his late-game free throw took a favorable bounce. Bench players and NBA veterans Eddie House and P.J. Brown played a key role in the securing the victory, coming off the bench to provide energetic defense and hit several clutch shots. Now, bring on Detroit! I'm hoping that things work out for the Celtics, but these conference rivals tend to bring out the best in each other and match up very well, so this series should be a fun one to watch.
Sunday night, I caught a band that I really like, Devotchka, at the Paradise. They seem to defy classification- a rock group from Denver with a heavy Mexican and Eastern European folk influence, perhaps? It's not every day that a tuba and accordion share a stage with electric guitars and a string quartet. The show was more like a musical performance or instrument showcase than a traditional rock concert, and they sounded great- crisp, clear sound with the perfect amount of volume. My pictures came out crappy but I found some nice ones over on this blog.


Sarah said...

You make Plymouth sound like the place to be! Maybe I will have to make a night of it down there this summer. Pilgrim it up!

eileen said...

Yeah, I liked it. A bunch of waterfront bars and restaurants were within walking distance from our hotel, and that was nice. Plus, a much shorter drive than the cape and cheaper lodging than Newport. The only downer was that the actual rock (1620) is under construction so we couldn't see it. Well, that and the noticeable lack of live pilgrims.

Sarah said...

I hope some of these bars had Colonial themed drinks. Mayflower-jitos? Squantotinis?

Ryan said...

How is a rock under construction? This needs its own post.

eileen said...

Squantotinis! I love it.
Alternatively, you could pay your bill in wampum.

Ryan- I think that the construction was not the rock itself, but that they're building a new pavillion. Either way, it's blocked off like a construction site, so you can't see anything.