Thursday, May 08, 2008

Best Commercial I've Seen in a Long, Long Time

It's been a long time since something I've seen online actually made me laugh out loud. Now, watch this and make sure you have the sound on. Seriously, folks, who would have ever thought the Walk of Shame could inspire such lyrical genius?

Celtics looked dominant in their win tonight. I was having a lousy day at work, listening to the first quarter on a staticy AM station in the lab, and all I wanted was to do was watch the game on television with a friend, eat pizza, and drink a beer or two. I texted Maria to see what she was up to and she invited me over. I suggested pizza and she concurred, then surprised me with beer and Lactaid ice cream. Which led to the the creation and consumption of an Ocho de Mayo Beer Float: Vanilla Ice Cream and Dos Equis. At first, it wasn't half bad, but once the ice cream melted, it tasted pretty nasty.
Now go back up and watch that commercial if you skipped it. You'll be glad that you did.


nad said...

much love for the commercial

if you were on gmail, you'd know that the link is my away message.

Tina said...

haha. gmail and facebook for me!!

Eri said...

I did love the video, esp. the bridesmaid part!

Caity said...

great commercial! I just emailed it out to half the people in my address book.... :)