Monday, October 24, 2005

Creepy singing racist twins

This is the creepiest story I've read in a long time. Ew, just look at them, little bleach blonde Aryan Children of the Corn slut princesses. Don't they look slutty to you? Even though they're only thirteen? It must be the bleach job. Or the blatant racism, which tends to make people look trashy. I hope something bad happens to them.
Addendum: Okay, I suppose I shouldn't wish them ill but instead hope that something good happens to them, like someone un-brainwashes them, or at the very least gives them a copy of American History X to watch.


mj said...

I feel badly for them because they were completely brainwashed by their parents, plus they are homeschooled and homeschooled kids are strange.

I found the article on the Drudge Report, go to check out the photo of them wearing t-shirts with cartoon faces of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

This story is astonishing. I agree with mj, they were just taught to believe this, but it is sad sad sad.

tara d. said...

holy balls.