Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Update

I went to Harpoonfest on Friday night, which was a blast, but my theory that they put something in the beers (other than the obvious EtOH) remains plausible. Either that, or I've developed the ability to teleport, seeing as how I somehow managed to jump from Murphy's Law directly to the futon in my living room. The good time on Friday night was paid for in full by the Worst Hangover Ever on Saturday. I won't go into the details, but I spent the day lying on various couches, watching various sports games, and looking a lot like Val Kilmer in Tombstone. Sunday was much more productive: I went on a 12 mile run, grocery shopped, worked in the lab, and went out for an early birthday dinner with my parents and Maria.

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Anonymous said...

all i learned this weekend is that Framingham people can't hang. In the year I have been at my place 3 visitors have puked, all from the HAM. Must be that Southie breeze