Monday, October 24, 2005

Where's Pat?

My friend Pat Ryan, a.k.a Pat My Ryan, quit his job and is traveling around the world. Excuse me for a moment while I drool with envy....Anyways, he's started a blog in which to track his travels. Here's the link.


Sand said...

eileen, pat really went to antartica, to become an emperor penguin, he is currently balancing an egg on his feet. While he is balancing the egg, camouflauged Peace Corps reps approach him swearing they are NOT the military... to prove it, they offer him a block of cuajada pa'comer, eyeing it suspicciously the pengukn says, did this come off the kitchen bous?? naturaally , theu say yes! "and would you like a vicoria, oh excus me, i mean tona??"
ahhhh.... mi nina, te queremos muchisimo... pagina y su mama, y una botella de vino.

eileen said...