Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Update

Despite the crappy weather and the bee sting, I managed to have a fun weekend. A college friend (Jankowitz) was in town for a neurosurgery conference, so we went out boozing with some friends on Saturday night. Yes, that's right, neurosurgery, giving us ample opportunity to make jokes like "What, you think you're a brain surgeon or something?" One of the highlights of the night was discovering Pumpkin Ale by the Cambridge Brewing Company. It was delish, pumpkiny but not too sweet. Sunday night we hit the town again to celebrate a friend's birthday. The highlight of that night was when a guy who was obviously on a date gave the bartender a note to give to Maria with his name, phone number, and email address on it. Of course, we all busted up laughing at the note passing method and the audacity of him trying to pick up girls while he was on a date.

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