Monday, October 24, 2005

Mysterious stranger

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a girl who got my name and email address off the departmental website. She's considering applying to the graduate program that I'm in and wants to talk to a student to get the inside scoop, and I think she probably chose me because my boss is a fairly big name (in the world of bacterial toxins, at least), and she mentioned him in the email. I thought the it was a little bit weird to get a email from a stranger who wants to meet you and discuss your graduate school experience, but not weird enough to not agree to it, so we're meeting up for coffee after work today. Now, if my life were a romantic comedy, she would be a guy, and we'd get off to a bad start, like I'd spill my coffee on him and he'd get mad and act rude until he realized that I was the person he was meeting, and we'd hate each other for a while but later we'd discover that what we thought was mutual dislike was, in fact, mutual attraction. If my life were a British mystery novel, she would be the illegitimate daughter of my boss who is plotting to avenge his abandonment of her mother by poisoning him using...bacterial toxins! However, my life is neither of these things, so she's probably just a girl who wants to find out if she should apply to my program or not.


Anonymous said...

Could be the plot for Single White Female 2

eileen said...

if she shows up with the same hairstyle as me, i'm bolting.