Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween costumes

Past costumes:
Witch, nerd, punk rocker, dinosaur, playing card, Casper the Friendly Ghost, hobo, Cutter (from Breaking Away), Beatrix Kiddo, one half of a two-person horse, slutty vampire.

Best costume (mine): The front half of the horse- I had a blast. Ern, however, played the rear half of the horse, and her experience was not nearly as enjoyable.

Worst costume (mine): Last year, I went as Beatrix Kiddo, Uma Thurman's character from Kill Bill. I ordered a yellow jumpsuit online, and that shit was tight! Not tight as in "cool", tight as in "oh my goodness, this is borderline obscene, I think you can see my ovaries." Since I had already spent the money, I wore it anyways, despite the fact that I ended up looking more like Lance Armstrong than Uma Thurman. After the party, I slipped on some wet leaves and bit it big time, ripping the costume and getting blood all over it. So, if I wear it again, I can either be Uma Thurman after the fight scene, or Lance Armstrong after a bike wreck.

Best costume (someone else's): This guy's website describes a bunch of really spectacular costumes he made. I liked Jenga and California the best.

Present costume: I will not divulge my own costume until Saturday (MJ and I are throwing a party, so I don't want to ruin the surprise). Hint: it involves battle axes and pillaging.

Worst idea for a costume: The deposition for the lawsuit I'm in (long story involving a car accident and me being sued for $72,000) is next Monday, October 31. Spooky. Maria thinks that I should go in costume, and suggested I go as a Drunk Driver. I'm thinking more along the lines of Sexy Cop.


ern said...

never, ever think that the ass of a horse is going to be a funny costume. i'm still scarred.

jess said...

eileen...that is awesome you went as Beatrix Kiddo...i was going to as well, but i REFUSE to buy those pre-made costumes...and i didnt have time to go thrift store shopping for a yellow jumpsuit.

but for shits and giggles i did try on a pre-made girl scout costume one year and i could have gone as the slutty girlscout. obscene...the "dress" was too short to even be a shirt!