Saturday, December 17, 2005

Be Popular at Work

MSN recently had an article containing four steps on how to become more popular at work. Based on last night's activities, I have a few tips of my own.
  1. At the Friday afternoon happy hour, suggest a friendly game of Asshole. Then become President and make everyone drink like crazy.
  2. Know of a restaurant that serves tasty food at low prices and can seat a large party without a wait. We went to Pho Pastuer, a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown, and it was perfect for a boisterous group of drunk, hungry, and broke scientists. I had a giant bowl of curry chicken noodle soup and a Vietnamese beer for a little over $10.
  3. Slip and fall down in front of everyone at a T station, because wearing high heels on an icy day and subsequently wiping out is the new black, and you want everyone to know how trendy you are.
  4. Take everyone to a shady bar that serves scorpion bowls, test tube shots, and meat on a stick. Then buy everyone scorpion bowls and test tube shots.
  5. Show off your favorite comedy dance move, the one where you unbutton a guy's shirt while you dance with him, on one of your married co-workers.
So, I've officially said adios to the Work Persona, which is actually quite nice, because the facade was becoming too taxing to maintain.


brigita said...

Man, I'd forgotten how much I loved asshole until a bunch of us started a game after a friends' wedding.

Because we all really needed to drink more. </sarcasm>

Anonymous said...

i totally went to that scorpion bowl bar the last time and got WASTED off of 'em with my sister. those f-ers are STRONG!!