Friday, December 23, 2005

We knew this photo was coming

Here are some quotes from emails to ESPN's Bill Simmons regarding Damon going to the Yankees.
This one's my favorite:
Remember the SNL skit from the 90's labeled "Steroid Olympics" and that guy tries to dead lift 900lbs and as he jerks up, both arms rip clean off his shoulders and are still attached to the barbell on the floor and blood is spurting out everywhere from his shoulder sockets ... I hope Damon's arm comes flying off while he is trying to make a throw home and his hand and arm are
still attached to the ball as it weekly lands in front of A-Rods foot and then A-Rod vomits and passes out and Joe Torre has to come out and give mouth to mouth to A-Rods bloated purple lips ... That would ease the pain of this trade-- Mark Faselle, Dallas, TX

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Patrick said...

At least the Red Sox were able to strike back at the Yankees by signing John Flaherty away from them....