Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Random acts of kindness and bizarre celebrity crushes

Yesterday, I got stranded at the Braintree T stop at the end of the red line. I realized that I didn't have any cash with me, and the only ATM machine in sight was broken. This T stop is fairly isolated, near a highway and a giant parking garage, but that's about it, so I was facing the possibility of either having to trudge out in the cold and snow along a dark highway or having to panhandle for T fare. I noticed a little stand selling international phone cards, and I asked the man working there if they took debit cards. He said yes. Hopeful, I asked, "cash back?" Negatory. "But there's an ATM outside," the man said. "It's broken!" I replied, with the wavery-about-to-cry voice. "Are you stuck here?" asked the man. "Yes, my sister dropped me off and I don't have any cash on me and the ATM's broken and I don't know what to do and..." The man interrupted me, gave me the two dollars I needed, and told me just to pay him back next time I passed through. Thank you, stranger!

And now for something completely different....
Last night, after a few beers, some friends and I revealed our secret celebrity crushes. One friend really digs 50 Cent and owns all of his albums, and another has a thing for Tony Blair. Me? Jeff Goldblum.


brigita said...

I'm with you on the Jeff Goldblum crush. Mentioning it is a fast way to skeeve The Mister (who also put the kabosh on my Jon Stewart love by pointing out how hairy his hands are).

Is there a gentile-to-jew version of shiksappeal?

Kerry said...

You doofus! I offered you money earlier that night!

eileen said...

kerry- I know, but I forgot about it until I went to buy my tokens and remembered i didn't have any!
Brigita- hairy hands? I'll have to remember to notice next time I watch the DS.