Thursday, December 01, 2005

Red Socks Policy

I work in a laboratory in a research building that is part of a large medical center, and since I don't have much interaction with the hospitaly side of things (other than occasionally taking of shortcut through the hospital and the fact that in every seminar I attend, some M.D.'s beeper goes of incessantly), I tend to overlook the doctor and patient aspect of my surroundings. Yesterday, an announcement was posted describing the new Red Socks Policy. Apparently, patients in danger of falling are now given red socks, so if you see anyone walking alone wearing red socks, you should identify yourself as a medical center employee and either assist them or find a nurse or doctor. I don't know why, but I find this policy humorous. I'm really tempted to wear red socks one day and see if anyone offers to assist me.

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Pinky the Poet said...

I love it! I personally wear red socks all the time...I wonder if that is going to make me in danger of failing? are they washing the red socks with all the white linen in a hospital...I know from experience the darn things will make everything pink! Lovin' your blog!