Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hump day

Whoever coined the phrase "hump day" for Wednesday was a genius. I'm hungover right now. Ugh. A few years ago, I had a terrible weekday hangover experience, when I didn't want to be late for work, so I dragged my arse out of bed and to the lab, only to end up throwing up in the work bathroom and seeking solace on the cool, soothing tile floor. After that unpleasant experience I vowed to: A. Never get that drunk on a weeknight again and B. If I do have a terrible hangover, it's better to show up to work a couple of hours late and partly recovered than show up on time and do the puking and lying on the bathroom floor thing. Last night, I went to the end of season party for my soccer team with the intention of having a couple of drinks and going home on the early side. However, I had more than a couple of drinks and ended up staying out to 2:30AM, after the Spaniards and I got the bright idea to go dancing on Landsdowne street, only to discover once we got there that there is no dancing to be had on Tuesday nights, so we just drank more instead. I broke vow A but kept B, sleeping in and rolling into the lab at 10:30AM, Gatorade in hand. The good news is that I was the first one in, so nobody even knows I was late! It reminded me of one night when my sisters and Beatriz and I were all still living at my parents' house, and I was out way past my curfew (a category A offense in the Dunne household), and I got home and found Eri sitting at the kitchen table laughing, because she was worried about getting busted for coming home late until she realized that I wasn't home yet, so I'd be the one getting into trouble. Then we realized that Bea wasn't home yet either, so that made us laugh even harder.

Anyways, here's some stuff I would write more about if I wasn't hungover:

  • This old lady sure loves hockey hair.
  • My dad's in India on a business trip- isn't that cool? I wish I could have gone with him.
  • Winter is here at last. Brrrrrrrr.......
  • Check out what MJ had to say about my new hair.


brigita said...

I had the same drink/work ethic as yourself: your fun side is all about getting hammered on a school night but your serious, professional side insists on not calling in sick for work, even though your standing in the office would probably be better if you had.

What is with that? Like I was getting any real work done curled up in a stall. And how did I think that people couldn't smell the hangover rolling off me in waves?

Now that I work from home, I don't have that problem...although I also don't have a social life, so the two pretty much cancel each other out. ;)

eileen said...

Yeah, I should have just called in sick- it took me like 4 hours to do an experiment that normally takes 45 min.