Monday, December 26, 2005

Holly Jolly

I had a fabulous Christmas weekend. Friday night, I had a dinner party to welcome Buddah, India, and Eri, the out-of-town guests. The four of us starting things off early by drinking margaritas while we chopped, marinated, and cooked. Three hours later, when the other guests arrived, the food was ready and we were DRUNK. The evening consisted of much merriment and confusion, when the drunken dinner party dispersed in Copley Square. My sister and I went off searching for our cousin, the others all went to a staff party at B. Good, a healthy fast food restaurant co-owned by a friend of ours, a party trolley was involved, but somehow we all ended up at Clery's to do shots for Maria's birthday. Everyone had a good time, especially MJ, who had so much fun that she overslept and missed her flight.
Saturday consisted of frantic present wrapping (where are those elves when you need them?), and a family gathering at my parents' house. We ate lobsters, went to mass, then continued the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. Sunday was more presents, family, food, and fun. My Irish neighbor Peadar and two friends came to Christmas dinner and were a big hit with the family, especially the kids' table. I somehow managed to escape most of the cooking and cleaning duties, which I'm sure I will reminded of over the next year when I am assigned far less pleasant duties. We ate a ton, tested out Eri's new karaoke machine, and then ventured to a local bar to experience the wild Framingham nightlife.
Hope you all had a holiday as enjoyable as mine.
Now, back to work, you slackers!


mj said...

Glad you had a great Christmas. Next time I'm not going to drink several margaritas, a couple glasses of wine, a long island ice tea and 2 tequila shots the night before a 6:25 am flight. It's rare for me to be able to celebrate my birthday with friends so I don't feel too badly. Luckily, Jamie called the airline and was able to get me on the next flight. When asked what my name was by the airline rep., he replied, "Villamarzo which is spanish for 'I drank too much last night and missed my flight.'"

mevjr said...

Next time MJ, after you leave the party, go straight to the airport, DO NOT pass GO, and sleep at the gate where you will board your flight.