Wednesday, December 21, 2005

List #18....Why I am not a yuppie

So, Maria's new boyfriend is from Southie, and apparently he and his friends consider us yuppies because we hail from the suburbs. This greatly amuses us, because yuppies don't:

  1. Plastic their windows in the winter
  2. Have margaritas and pigs-in-a-blanket for dinner (last night's tasty fare)
  3. Ride the bus
  4. Wear jeans and sneakers to work
  5. Have to get up to change the channel
  6. Drink wine from a box
  7. Toilet paper the trees in their own backyard

1 comment:

Maria's Boyfriend said...

The locals are not used to seeing people smiling and having positive cheery conversation. We are asking each other if so and so is out of jail, guess who's pregnant and who is on unemployment. And we smile when people tease and remind us of our nicknames that we got from our birth defects. We arent used to positive friendly smiles..... its just weird...