Thursday, December 01, 2005

Boston sports news

I watched the Celtics play the 76ers last night, and it was a best case scenario for me- the Celtics won, and I got to see my favorite player (and the league's leading scorer, take that, Kobe) A.I., score 40 points. Celtic Kendrick Perkins had the best game of his career: 12 points and 19 rebounds.

The Bruins traded Captain Joey Thornton for three players from the San Jose Sharks. Now that was a dumb idea- the team stinks, they've lost 9 of the past 10 games, and now they're traded away the only player with name recognition and a fan following. Oh, and I think the NHL should eliminate all teams that play in areas devoid of snow and ice in the winter. It just doesn't make sense. No snow, no hockey.

Attention Red Sox fans: if you love Manny and want him to stay, sign this Keep Manny petition.


Anonymous said...

F*#K Jeremy Jacobs and his bum son.

I want to feed their dogs chocolate.

adam said...

awww, don't punish the poor dogs just because the owner is a bum.

Speaking of bums, send Manny packing in a hurry. Eileen, you don't support keepin him, do you?

eileen said...

I'm a Manny fan, I admit it. I'd rather see Damon go- he'd be easier to replace. Nobody's going to want to pick up Manny's contract anyways. They really need pitching, though, so good move on getting Beckett.